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How to apply false eyelashes

How to apply Yilena Luxury Lashes

Do you really love Yilena Luxury Lashes , but don't know how to apply them? Have no fear, our beauty tips are here to save the day! Applying lashes may look harder than it actually is. These tips will help you throw on the flawless Yilena Luxury Lashes for your date night. You will be looking fierce in no time. 

Step 1- Mascara: You are trying to create stable support for the false lashes to layover. Simply curl your real lashes with our luxury eyelash curler and coat them in mascara.

Step 2- Measure and cut: using our luxury lash applicator simply place the false lashes without glue to measure the length of your natural eye and cut with our luxury gold lash scissors to your custom fit.

Step 3-  Adhesive: Simply trace the lash band with a thin line of luxury lash adhesive . Wait at least 30 sec until the color changes  . for the glue to become tacky. 

Step 4- Apply False Lashes: Using our Yilena Luxury Aplicador place the Lash starting on the middle of your lash line and place your false right on the lash line.